About us

Company Akrobat is investing in its own development and production since 2003 in order to help children and sportsmen develop their abilities and skills and to bring good health to adults.
Our products are specifically adjusted to the needs of children that are still developing and to the sportsmen who want to sharpen their skills and learn new techniques and to all who wish to do something for their health.
Akrobat trampolines are made of high quality materials and designed to be the best. We will satisfy your daily need for physical recreation and mental relaxation. Forever we will change your perception of the trampoline. Sport mats and other equipment will contribute the overall development of our children and strengthening the health of adults. We want to offer you quality, innovation, reliability and our best service.
We will provide you professional advice and assist you in your selection.
We wish you many years of pleasure and health in the world of sport produced for you by Akrobat.

Mateja Penca and Primož Staniša

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