Why akrobat

Why akrobat

When you are deciding about your trampoline you are advised to learn about them. Trampoline is sport equipment that can bring you a lot of joy, therefore it’s important to pick the right one. Decide about suitable size and model according to your space and to the age and jumper’s weight. Therefore we are at your service, if you need advice or help with choosing the right trampoline.

Joy of jumping

Did you know that true meaning of trampoline is pleasure of jumping? Whether will trampoline provide true jumping, it depends on trampoline springs. Jumping mat is totally inelastic to prevent opposite rebound. You rebound therefore depends on how many and how good and long are your trampoline springs. If spring is bad, also your jumping will be.  

Did you buy trampoline at supermarket?

You can always buy a cheaper trampoline. In that case trampoline will cost you 16 eur per month while Akrobat trampoline will cost you only 6 eur per month in its life time. To assure safe play of your children trampoline need to be in a good condition.
In case some part of trampoline is broken it is necessary to replace it or repair it. Akrobat will provide you with long warranty and accessories. We are there for you also for service and spare parts.
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